28 July 2009

Jamie Campbell Bower is IN!!

After bringing Caius to life for The Twilight Saga, Jamie Campbell Bower will also star as the teen Grindelwald in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows!!! Super excited..told you he's going to be BIG..!! but..but..but..why does he always portrait dark characters?? =D

I think braid is IN!!

The pictures prove that BRAID is IN!!
Jessica Alba spotted with braidy hair...the cutest...<3 Pictures here with daughter, Honor... Check out Leighton's hair... She's cute..the braid suits her well...

♥ ♥ ♥

25 July 2009

John Mayer - Human Nature

Really love this performance by John Mayer on Michael Jackson's Memorial..He's really into it,huh??

16 July 2009

Braidy Leighton, Braidy G.Chan

Saw these pictures of Leighton Meester and Blake Lively from Just Jared, probably from the set of Gossip Girl Season 3, and really want to have my hair braided like Leighton!!! I've always want to braid my hair daily, but my mum nor sis can do it for me..=.=

I remember the last time I have my hair braided was in college, and always done by Jessica, as you can see from the pic. She's good in creating "messy" looked braid which I love so much!! This pic was taken when we were supposed to do our group project, but we were so bored that ended up braided hair and takin pic!! such fun with them!!

This braid was also done by Jessica, a bit tough, she said, coz my hair was too short, but I keep insisted and here we goes...

So, if I'm goin to be a real-famous star one day, I'll hire Jessica Natalie to be my hair-dresser so I could have "messy-looked" braid whenever I want!!! =D

15 July 2009

Plants vs Zombies

CJ installed this game for me a week ago, but I just happen to try it today, coz he keep challenging me, stated that I won't be able to finish it, so I just have to show him!! It turns out kinda fun playin it!! It is a Pop Cap game, so ladies...this is suitable for you..=D
am only post the picture for you, but CJ is goin to review it, so do drop by CJ's Blog..

See the plants are shooting the zombie..cute!!!

Some zombie even got spear to help them to jump!! Horror!!!

Night time..I'm lovin the purple mushrooms..=D

It's sure fun..try it out!!


So, me and CJ have separated..me trying to get a job here in Singapore, CJ is back to Medan..This long-distance thing is drivin me crazy..but something makes me feel better, Skype, that is. With Skype we can have video call, so I can see him every night before I sleep, and hear his sound kinda cheers me up a bit even though I still can't touch him..=`(

14 July 2009

blue not always blues..

Fell in love when I saw these blue dolls @Kiddy Palace-Causeway Point..They are so cute...and they are blue..they chase my blues away...but they are quiet costly..selling at SGD 8.90 for these tiny size..who is willing to buy those for me??? I heart!!!


Dakota Fanning tweeted this picture of fan-made Jane from Volturi..for the New Moon..

   So what do you think?? I think I can't wait till 11.20.09!!

12 July 2009

Can't take my eyes off you..=D

Rejoice!!! Singapore will be having new shopping arcade added in its famous Orchard Road..One of it is ION, which located directly above Orchard MRT..=D It looks super massive LUX..with Louis Vuitton store right in front of it, the biggest in South East Asia..

Can only take picture, can't afford to go inside and pick..=`(

Anywayz, days before CJ goin back to Medan, we went to Vivo City, bought some Japanese snacks from Daiso (all items @ SGD2) including the famous Chocobi, Crayon Shinchan's favorite snacks..=D then we had our own picnic, sittin by water pool (the water is only few cm, not actually a POOL), and enjoy the afternoon breeze..It was delight..=D

I have a huge crush on Singapore, every bit off it makes me realize how......expensive this country is!!! hahahaha..but every dime spent here is worthy, the experience that you could get is so much different compared to my Indonesia..hope to get a real job here soon..finger crossed!!!

07 July 2009

I ♥ Stitch

I Stitch..
I how stitch tries to be good for lilo..=D

I Stitch coz it's blue..=D
Do you Stitch too?? =D

03 July 2009

waiting on the world to change~

So, I flew to Singapore yesterday, together with CJ..arrived at Changi at 11.30 local time..went to buy Subway to fill our starving, starving stomach..then went down to the immigration...and...it was freakiiiin longggg lines!!! Goodness, we spent 45 minutes in the line I almost cry..=.="

by the time we had finished with the line, our luggage are gone, we had to claim it at the lost and found counter..=.="
finally reached home at 2 am..=.=" real sleepy i dozed off directly after finished unpacked.

so, CJ will spend 10 days here accompany me..after that I will miss him, every day, every night, every single breath I take..
I'm really waiting on the world to change, on me. Pray that I will get a real job, real life, and reunited soon with my love.
Wish me luck, guys..=D

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