26 February 2014


WOAH!! Long time no post!! I even missed my yearly "Best of 201x" for 2013..
Oh well.. I updated more on http://dayre.me/gretachan now.. 
so install Dayre on your phone and follow me there now will ya? =`))

18 December 2013

We had fun at MBS..

Oh my gawd this blog is so dead, I can't even.... I used to blame it on Instagram but now I have to blame it on Dayre too!! It made blogging so much easier when you can do it from your phone.. Check out mine at http://dayre.me/gretachan

Am posting about our long overdue fun back in August!! We had lunch at the notorious Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Singapura, back when they haven't opened branches yet, and we queued for an hour plus for our table!! 

Finally seated!!
 photo timhowanps_zps2dd98e27.jpg

Judging from mom's smile, the queue must be worth it.. =p
 photo timhowansingapore_zps82e0533a.jpg

Food post soon on teru2xbozu goes hungry, I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo timhowan_zps847d9f92.jpg

After lunch, we headed to Marina Bay Sands.. only to stumbled upon STGCC that was held there..=`)
 photo stgccmarinabaysands_zps6bac1b84.jpg

Sorry mommy, bad angle.. =p
 photo stgccmbs_zpseee8748c.jpg

Little Kent was so stoked..=D
 photo stgcc2013marinabaysands_zps8846845f.jpg

Then we continued our fun day by buying the Canal boat tickets!!
 photo canalboatsingapore_zpsb94afa91.jpg

Little Kent appointed the sis to accompany him..=p
 photo canalridemarinabaysands_zpsd774d0c4.jpg

So touristy..=p
 photo canalride_zpsbbe349ec.jpg

He was a happy boy that day..=`))
 photo canalridembssingapore_zps94de43db.jpg

Check out his attempt to be pictured while jumping..=p
 photo LVatMBS_zps00940d60.jpg
 photo LVbythewaterfront_zps2136fb0d.jpg
 photo LVMBS_zpsbeed63fa.jpg

Gelato and beverage time..=`)
 photo auchocolatmbs_zpsfb2fd017.jpg
 photo auchocolat_zps60da7334.jpg

Then we went outside to wait for the Wonder Full Light and Water Show..=`)
 photo singaporeatnight_zpsd8024849.jpg
 photo mbslightshow_zps6b64ee10.jpg

We had fun at MBS indeed!! =`))

01 November 2013

A Proper Goodbye..

I am now just sitting here, on a rainy day, with a broken heart and teary face, typing my final words for you. I think you would know, and you would understand, that this is my comfort place, a place to pour what I have to say.. I am sorry I didn't get a chance to say my proper good bye to you.. It all happened so fast.. Too fast that it seemed like it had been planned that way all along..
I still can't believe that you are gone. You really are gone forever from my life. I know I have lost you the day you introduced us to that gold digger-greedy-ungrateful-unfaithful-free loader woman. But now, I have really lost you, for good. And I can't believe that I actually miss you. I miss you a lot. You have left a hole in my heart, and it hurts. Right now, it hurts so bad. So bad that it made me feels it would be inappropriate for me to plan my biggest day in my life. It hurts more with the fact that, you can't be there. You won't be there on the biggest day of my life. You won't be there with your smiley face watching me marry the love of my life. You won't be there when we pour and serve you our respect cup of tea to you. And the fact that you have been looking forward to it just squeezed my fragile heart.
I am sorry that I haven't been talking much to you. I'm sorry for all the missed bonding time. I'm sorry that the last time we talked, I still nagged you about all the junk food that you ate. I'm sorry that you didn't get to eat the cuttlefish that you asked me to buy home. I'm sorry that you waited too long to see me got married. I'm sorry for all the pain that she caused  you. I'm sorry for all the pain that I caused you. I'm sorry for your pain, that you felt like you had to keep secrets from us.
Thank you for your love. Thank you, for my mama. Thank you, for my sister. Thank you, for being you.
Now you are in better place, you are happy, you are with Our Lord, in peace and no longer suffer.
I will always miss you, and I love you. 
Good bye my guardian angel..

 photo happy_zps2782d62e.jpg

19 August 2013

Kent's Activities..

So this is it, a blog post only for my little cutie, Little Kent.. He is in Primary One right now, and he is one curious boy, he asks a lot of questions every time!! He watched this cartoon on YouTube about a little girl who help her bear and teddy friend to make dumplings; and he said to us that he would like to make dumplings too!! I always told him that when he grow up, I want him to be a Chef, and he takes it seriously..=p
So we planned out different activities in the kitchen where he could actually help and takes part in it without creating too much mess (coz my mom will freak out)..

Making Jello.

Kent helped in jelly moulding process..=`)
 photo readytomakejelly_zps93cb0c37.jpg
 photo pouringjelly_zps1e8702c4.jpg

After that, he put them in the fridge and wait form them to be jelled..=`)
 photo checkingjelly_zps065e249a.jpg

After jelled, he took a small spoon and fork them out one by one..=`)
 photo jellysdone_zps171d0ce7.jpg
 photo finishingjelly_zps8ed28172.jpg

Then he helped to store them in a container..=`)
 photo transferringjelly_zpse824819d.jpg

Then he enjoy his jelly while they are cold and nice..=`)
 photo jellyisdone_zps66fb32a6.jpg

Making Dumplings.

Kent took instructions from mommy on how to fold the dumplings..=`)
 photo instruction_zps8910b4c7.jpg

So he prepared the minced meat..=`)
 photo makingdumpling_zpsc4b412a1.jpg

and he glazed the dumpling skin with egg yolk and then folded it..=`)
 photo foldingdumpling_zps65eafe6b.jpg

then he arranged them nicely on a plate..=`)
 photo arrangingdumpling_zpse23bdb41.jpg

He repeated the process until he got as much dumplings as he wanted..=`)
 photo kentwiliammadedumpling_zpse3edfcb1.jpg

and tadaaahhh.. Kent was happy with his dumplings..=`)
 photo dumplingdone_zpsb1f2688c.jpg

then my mommy used them to make dumplings soup..=`)
 photo dumplingsoup_zps0e1151df.jpg

Making Spring Rolls.

Kent helped older sister to make spring rolls..=`)
 photo kentmakingspringroll_zps9bf444e1.jpg

The process is almost the same with making dumpling, only this time we used a lot of veggies!! =`)
 photo foldingspringroll_zps6581fc61.jpg

You can't see it but Kent was holding his first spring roll..=`)
 photo makingspringroll_zpscdbb527e.jpg

and then mommy fried them and they were delicious!! =`)
 photo springroll_zps8e9cdbb5.jpg

That is all for "cooking with Kent" time.. Have you cooked together with your family yet?

23 July 2013

You take me all the way..

Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having..

So last month I was in Medan again for another 10 days, gotta get used to it since I'm moving back there.. But I do not know how can I handle being away from my Little Kent..=`((
So this post is filled with Kent-less pictures, I'm so sad I'm gonna miss him so so much!! *depressed*

I always love date nights with my boo..=`))
 photo datenight_zps159ef361.jpg
 photo starbucks_zpsb23062ca.jpg
 photo nikuudon_zps39f43325.jpg

I am so craving for these right now!! 
 photo schnitzelhermeshotel_zpsdb147427.jpg photo lupishermeshotel_zps69c604d1.jpg photo nasipadang_zps8903574c.jpg

Hair treatments are way cheaper in Medan than Singapore..=`))
 photo curlyhair_zps44093317.jpg
 photo fiance_zpsbaab6016.jpg

Spent my last day visiting baby Chloe, my buddy Erni's new born baby girl..=`))
She looks exactly like her brother, Ethan..=`)
 photo babychloe_zpse534773b.jpg

Pretty full month souvenir from baby Chloe..=`)
 photo babyfullmonthsouvenir_zpse69e9b26.jpg

Had my flight back to Singapore together with the cousin who won Super Junior concert tix in Singapore.. 
I don't get all this Korean fever.. =.="
 photo flighttosingapore_zpsf0a6e691.jpg

My shirt that day was identical with Polonia's stain glass.. FML.. =.="
 photo poloniaairport_zps63d738af.jpg

Gonna post more entries soon and I promise it's gonna be filled with Little Kent!! =`))

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