12 July 2009

Can't take my eyes off you..=D

Rejoice!!! Singapore will be having new shopping arcade added in its famous Orchard Road..One of it is ION, which located directly above Orchard MRT..=D It looks super massive LUX..with Louis Vuitton store right in front of it, the biggest in South East Asia..

Can only take picture, can't afford to go inside and pick..=`(

Anywayz, days before CJ goin back to Medan, we went to Vivo City, bought some Japanese snacks from Daiso (all items @ SGD2) including the famous Chocobi, Crayon Shinchan's favorite snacks..=D then we had our own picnic, sittin by water pool (the water is only few cm, not actually a POOL), and enjoy the afternoon breeze..It was delight..=D

I have a huge crush on Singapore, every bit off it makes me realize how......expensive this country is!!! hahahaha..but every dime spent here is worthy, the experience that you could get is so much different compared to my Indonesia..hope to get a real job here soon..finger crossed!!!


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