15 July 2009

Plants vs Zombies

CJ installed this game for me a week ago, but I just happen to try it today, coz he keep challenging me, stated that I won't be able to finish it, so I just have to show him!! It turns out kinda fun playin it!! It is a Pop Cap game, so ladies...this is suitable for you..=D
am only post the picture for you, but CJ is goin to review it, so do drop by CJ's Blog..

See the plants are shooting the zombie..cute!!!

Some zombie even got spear to help them to jump!! Horror!!!

Night time..I'm lovin the purple mushrooms..=D

It's sure fun..try it out!!


charlzzzjoZZ said...

masa malam2 pake bunga matahari lee??
kan ada jamur emas....

tnggu aja review in my blog ya hihihihihih..sekalian promosi :p

g.chan said...

iiii...aku kan masi newbie..
makanya nanti buat tips2x yaq di reviewnya..hihi...=D

eCha said...

Mo donload game na darimana yak?
kayanya menarik..xD

eCha said...

Tambahan, uda visit blog CJ, tapi kayanya lum ada review na..xD

g.chan said...

@echa..CJ yg downloadin a..dia sibuk jadi blum tulis reviewnya..ntar ditanyain yaq..hehehe..

g.chan said...

echa..gamesnya da bisa didownload low..di blognya CJ..visit yaq..http://jozz-area.blogspot.com/

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