03 July 2009

waiting on the world to change~

So, I flew to Singapore yesterday, together with CJ..arrived at Changi at 11.30 local time..went to buy Subway to fill our starving, starving stomach..then went down to the immigration...and...it was freakiiiin longggg lines!!! Goodness, we spent 45 minutes in the line I almost cry..=.="

by the time we had finished with the line, our luggage are gone, we had to claim it at the lost and found counter..=.="
finally reached home at 2 am..=.=" real sleepy i dozed off directly after finished unpacked.

so, CJ will spend 10 days here accompany me..after that I will miss him, every day, every night, every single breath I take..
I'm really waiting on the world to change, on me. Pray that I will get a real job, real life, and reunited soon with my love.
Wish me luck, guys..=D


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