08 July 2013

June Photolog

Oh hi!! No, the blog is not dead yet!! At least for now..=p Instagram really has ruined my blogging mood!! Anyho, just gonna update whatever happened in June since I didn't post any entry at all last month!! Pics spam coming through!! =p

Went back to hometown, Medan, with the family..=`)
Pics taken at Changi Airport:
 photo changiairport_zps58c086fd.jpg
 photo ronaldmcdonald_zpsa069ad69.jpg
 photo changiairportplayground_zpsd729a1da.jpg

Fluffy Cloud..=`)
 photo fluffyclouds_zps95fef001.jpg

The brothers reunited..=`)
 photo brothers_zpsea25810f.jpg

The cousins reunited..=`)
 photo cousin_zps865f2ea6.jpg

Medan's glorious culinary..It's true, I'm not exaggerating!! =p
 photo kwetiaulebong_zps67ad871e.jpg

My favorite "Tak Kasih Enak"
 photo takkasihenak_zpsf640f46a.jpg

Dessert shopping at La Maison Patisserie.. Love their macarons!! =`)
 photo lamaison_zpsbbe31288.jpg

Lover reunited!! =p
Look at his silly nerd face!! =p
 photo sillynerd_zps12aaf73e.jpg

What we brought back to Singapore..=p
A luggage full of instant noodle!!
 photo indonesiangoodies_zps7ee59904.jpg

Enjoy his flight back to Singapore..=p
 photo planebuddy_zps19aa7010.jpg

And then we experience the most dreadful haze ever in Singapore..=`((
Little Kent can't fully enjoy his school holiday coz of the haze. 
He had to stay indoor with air-con all the time otherwise the air was just too hard to breath..=`((
 photo singaporehaze_zpse1046520.jpg

The haze from Changi Airport..
 photo worsthazeinsingapore_zps50d87dc0.jpg

Will update more once I took enough pics!! teehee..=p
Hope you all had a great June!! =`)


Anonymous said...

Are you an Indonesian? Your boy so cute, thank god the haze is over!


Patricia ♥ said...

I know what you mean, instagram can really ruin ones mood to blog xD
lol, I would love to have some noodles right now ♥ You brought so much!

Have a nice day,

fashion-meets-art said...

really nice pictures. i've enjoyed them so much.
maren anita


Meilina Utomo said...

Loving these lovely pictures :)


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