27 February 2013

Virgin Flight

So we finally went on board the Singapore Flyer!! Oops  by we, I mean CJ and Little Kent.. The rest of us are just a bunch of height cowards..teehee..=p Little Kent has been bugging us to get him to Singapore Flyer since he came to Singapore, but none of us brave enough to do it!! and since CJ was here last CNY, and he's the only one not-afraid-of-anything, so he had to accompany Little Kent!! It was a virgin flight for both of them too..=p  We bought the tickets online which has 10% discount..=p 

 photo singaporeflyerwelcome_zps8a92d769.jpg
 photo beautifulsingaporeflyer_zpsb939dff4.jpg
 photo singaporeflyerlargestwheel_zpsd52db775.jpg

 photo singaporeflyerhappy_zps0ca66220.jpg
 photo singaporeflyerfirstvisit_zps12f1bfa3.jpg

 photo singaporeflyerwheels_zps2b2fcb38.jpg
 photo singaporeeye_zps73ec8240.jpg
 photo insidesingaporeflyer_zpse22beecf.jpg

It was almost night time, and it has just stopped pouring then, so Little Kent didin't really enjoyed the view coz everything looked kind of dark and blurry..
We actually thought the view will be amazing at night with lights from the city and all, well, we were wrong..=`((
Note to future visitors: please visit Singapore Flyer before dark!!
 photo flowerdomefromflyer_zps5628eac6.jpg
View from the wheel..
 photo mbsfromflyer_zps451ee500.jpg
 photo flyer_zpsddedd243.jpg
It was around 30 minutes ride, and off we went to Singapore Food Trail, inside the Singapore Flyer's complex too..
 photo famoushawkerfoodtrail_zpsb0a1eb24.jpg
 photo singaporefoodtrail_zps2f827c29.jpg
It claimed to have gather Singapore's best hawker dishes..=`)
 photo singaporefoodtrailflyer_zps79bb6993.jpg

Little Kent enjoyed his cockles eagerly!! =p
 photo cockles_zpsdf4d32a7.jpg

CJ chose to go western..=p
 photo singaporeflyerfoodtrail_zps184dde7b.jpg

Everyone wants to have picture with God of Wealth aka Cai Shen Ye..=`))
 photo chaisenye_zps57b29eb8.jpg
 photo godoffortune_zps12c02162.jpg
 photo singaporeflyerfoodcourt_zps27c017a4.jpg
 photo singaporeflyercny_zps1e7e7548.jpg

I think most tourists who come to Singapore would probably have their ride on Singapore Flyer.. It is, in fact, the world's largest Giant Observation Wheel.. They have a lot of packages you can choose from (for more info visit Singapore Flyer's official website here).. My personal favorite would be the Full Butler Sky Dining, I mean, how awesome is that!! Too bad I'm to chicken of height, otherwise it would totally be an ideal way for romantic dinner with CJ..=p


Grazziella said...

Lovely photos :) loving the dot dress ^^
Nice blog girl

Bisous from FRANCE

Seeking Style said...

Looks cool!

xo Jennifer


Ira Kharchenko said...

Awesome pics! Seems like you had a good time:)


charmeuse said...

thx for visiting me, would you like to follow each other? ;)


Joana Teixeira said...

nice photos :) it seems to be very beautiful!

estellelamode.com said...

Honestly looks like an amazing trip!



Maja Mladenovic said...

Love those pics! You have a great style!

Wanna follow each other?

Ruby and Rosa said...

what a lovely place to go :D
have fun!

janettaylor said...

Cute photos!

Anonymous said...

Aw cute pictures! I would like to go there :D

Monica Harmony's Blog

Anonymous said...

Aw cute pictures! I would like to go there :D

Monica Harmony's Blog

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