20 February 2013

Once in a while..

Last January was filled with holidays, hence the free days to had little reunions with friends.. It was fun to be able to laugh out loud over silly things again..=p

 photo fruitparadisevivocity_zpsa0761d8d.jpg
Met Hans's mommy, Ms. Oliv and chat over our favorite fruit tarts.. 
She was still preggy last month, but Mama Oliv and Papa Hendra welcomed Baby Hans Oliver last week!! 
Welcome to this sweet, sweet world, Baby Hans..=`))
It was always a pleasure hanging out with Ms. Oliv, I always learn a lot from her..=`))
 photo fruitparadisefruittarts_zpsa654b8bd.jpg
 photo fruitparadise_zps5c6a7384.jpg

My cousin Christine and I also had mini reunion with our Junior High School friends, Ermi and Trevina..=`)
 photo middleschoolreunion_zps9fa7dddc.jpg
 photo juniorfriendsreunion_zpsccabc012.jpg
 photo reunionattccrafflesplace_zpsce11251b.jpg
 photo reunionattcc_zpscecb9301.jpg
We've been friends since 1998!! Gosh, we're old!! =p
It was a fun hang out with us sharing stories from our old school days to local celebrities gossip..teehee..=p
 photo sisreunion_zpsff665e6d.jpg
 photo juniorschoolreunion_zps4bb79f52.jpg
Miss Ermi took her cute Holga out to play!! =`)
 photo holga_zpsb2f0d709.jpg
 photo tccdesserts_zps5e9269e0.jpg
By the end of the day, my happiness tank was full..=`) Till the next reunion, mates..=`)


Linde Lou said...

Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

Would You like to follow each other? :)

Kate said...

really cute pictures! love it:)
xx Kate

The Style Department

dwiki cahya ramadhan said...

Love your top ! awesome !!
followed yo,can we follow each other ?


goodbadandfab said...

Love your style!!!

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