13 February 2013

Chinese New year 2564

Happy Chinese New Year 2564 everyone!! It's the year of Water Snake, and yes it has been pouring since the Chinese New Year eve!! We had our Reunion lunch at Changi Airport then went Bai Nian on the first day of CNY.. Pics bomb ahead!! =`)

 photo orangescny_zps9b1a3aad.jpg
Reunion Lunch!! =`))
 photo reuniondinner_zps3af73b1f.jpg
 photo cnyoranges_zps483ace5e.jpg

It's Chinese New Year Cum Valentine's Day decoration at Changi Airport..=`)
 photo CNYvalentinedeco_zps12b17b3e.jpg
 photo ChangiAirportCNY_zpsfa53bf16.jpg
 photo valentine2013_zps180cc60e.jpg
 photo valentinedecochangi_zpse6b00700.jpg

First day of the Snake Year..=`)
 photo redpocketfrommommy_zpsbd301e00.jpg
 photo bainiancny_zps5ca7441a.jpg

Went Bai Nian..=`)
 photo cnydayone_zps2893e6cd.jpg
 photo cnyorangetree_zps36e78680.jpg
 photo fishpond_zps94a49a92.jpg
 photo gardenhouse_zps70fe5a59.jpg

Red Packets!! Remember, it's not about the amount, it's about the wishes and blessings that comes with it..=`)
 photo redpocket_zps94d67d82.jpg

I love new notes!! =`)
 photo redpacket_zps6dd9ba90.jpg
 photo yearofthesnake_zps82610cf8.jpg
Have a fun Slytherin year ahead y'all!! =`)


Seeking Style said...

Looks like a great celebration!

xo Jennifer


fhenny said...

happy chinese new year!
hope you had fun!
style frontier

Stella Winata said...

Hello, Happy Chinese New Year! You're looking great! Is the other girl your sister or your twin? You guys look way too alike I couldn't differentiate! :)

l i s a z h a n g said...

hope you had a great chinese new year!



Tallia said...

looks like a fun day!


Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

LOVE your floral jumpsuit... so pretty :)


Meilina Utomo said...

Loving these pictures :)


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