02 February 2013

one person..

Bonjour!! I'm trying to update my blog more often just as CJ told me to!! Guess nobody loves my blog more than him, xixixi..=p
So, spending time with CJ is like, my favorite thing to do.. Whether it's just lazing around watching our favorite TV series, or pigging out on food, every single day with him is my precious day. Now that he's miles away from me, I miss him every second of every day!! I really think that time is the most expensive gift you can ever give to someone..
Here are pics from our date when he visited last Christmas-New Year..=`))

We always do..=p
 photo carlsjr_zps1123b7dd.jpg

Our favorite fast food!! =`))
 photo fastfood_zpscba85b13.jpg
 photo carlsjrbestburger_zpsc2836af5.jpg

Unfinished Merlion, xixixi.. on Sentosa Boardwalk..
 photo minimerlion_zpsb12ea3fe.jpg
 photo sentosaboardwalk_zpsa2ed63a3.jpg
 photo resortsworldofficialopening_zpsb6ffb31e.jpg

I love the Penang Chendol at Malaysian Street Food-RWS!! =`))
 photo penangchendol_zpse770f928.jpg

With $10 start up, I ended up with this ticket from the casino's slot machine..whoop!! =`))
 photo resortsworldcashoutticket_zps299ab7a7.jpg

Candylicious has serious photogenic sweets..=`))
 photo candyplush_zpsf8075e0e.jpg
 photo candilicious_zpsed094ec5.jpg
 photo candylover_zps0a96c277.jpg
 photo lollipops_zpsda7335ff.jpg
 photo nutellaweeklypavk_zpsd9d5837a.jpg

RWS at twilight..=`))
 photo resortsworldatnight_zpsb0b5edc1.jpg

Here's to many many more dates together, beybeh..=`))
 photo muppets_zps828b3627.gif


Andudei Hardyanta said...

great pictures.. of course times is not only expensive gift, nobody can buy them, right?

christian said...

oh my! that candy looks so tasty!


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