01 October 2011

October Topher..

It's finally October!! Fiuh.. It's counting down to Halloween and you can smell Christmas already, I think everyone loves October!! Okay, I made that up.. First up I wanna congrats the sis on her first job ever!! Woohoo!!! I am so proud of her and I hope she will stand strong.. Read about her rambling here.

So what's with the "Topher" on my title, if I may explain, is not about one of my fave actors, Topher Grace whom I think did a fantastic job in "That 70's Show", but instead the meaning behind the name itself which is "Bearing Christ". I am not about to preach about religion or anything, but I feel like I am letting Him down lately, by not trusting Him enough, and still in this state where I don't feel close to Him, and accused Him of abandoning me, so there is this distant between us because I am not bearing Him in the way that I'm supposed to.. And I feel terrible and I know He understands but I just can't stop questioning whether He still loves me.. Obviously I know He does, cause He has shown me the right way before, He stopped me from leaving Him, and I think it's time for me to see that He actually has sent me His protection, through people that has never stopped loving me, you should know who you are..=`)

Anyho.. Pictures time!!






Those pictures were taken around Singapore's MacRitchie Reservoir Park, one of Singapore's Nature reserves.. I think the place is super nice despite lots of scary monkeys ready to snatch your food..=p
I crave for places like this in Medan, where people could actually have a nice clean picnic, like what Singaporeans can do at Botanic Garden or a really proper Zoo where people would actually visit.. What, a girl can dream, right? =p
Anyho, I hope your October will be bombastic as I'm sure mine will.. Toodalooo for now..


Nixie Pyrena said...

great pics !! yesss i love october ! cant wait for Christmas :D

have a nice day ;)

The Endless Wishlist

Nina said...

beautiful photos!!! :)hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xo

my magical world said...

you look so beautiful :) and I like your dress .. hihi

g.ta said...

aww..thank you dear..=`)

Caroline Robianto said...

nice pictures :)


michellehendra said...

nice place

follow me via bloglovin, i just lost my followers :(

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