03 August 2011

A Braidy Friend

So my buddy Jessica visited Singapore two weeks ago and I was too excited coz she's the one who can, and willing to braid my hair!! I always ask my sis or my mom to help me braid my hair but they always complaint that my hair is too layer, too messy, bla bla bla, ended up boring hair everyday.. So yayy to braidy friend!!! =p
We met up at Bugis Junction that day coz I wanted to show them Bugis Street Market which is awesome for shopping, they were starving at that time so we went to Food Junction to eat and tied the braid there!! so shameful la with her family watching her braided my hair..=p

Before braid..
Equipments needed..=p
Braiding..In a food court..=p
Braided..Front View..
Braided.. Side View..
Braided..Back View..

We were going to have two sided braid initially, but it needs more time, and it was getting late, and I was super phai se with Jess's  dad watching, so one ponytail braid it was, and I loved it..=p
We went to Bugis Street Market to shop and they loved it, bought lots of stuff and then headed home.. Will blog about our day at Orchard Road next!! =`) Thanks Jessica for the braid!! =`)


Anonymous said...

Critanya sapa yg fotoin? Jangan bilang papanya jessie loh!!! ;p seru ya tata, jadi oleh2x kita mana?

g.ta said...

ni ceritanya siapa?? hihihi..
yg poto dedeknya jessie la masa papanya..hihihihiih..=p

Jessica said...

hahahahaha. cerita pny cerita ne jadinya? :p
masa Greta senekad itu buat minta papa w fotoin? =.='
Thq Tata buat jadi artis di blog u kali ini. :p
jadi malu.... XD
Have a nice time in S'pore...

g.ta said...

thanks jessie da kepangin..hihihii..=p

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