27 July 2011

One breezy afternoon in Orchard Road..

During his last visit to Singapore, bf and I realized that we visited Orchard Road more often than his usual visits to Singapore.. He is not a shopping type of guy, usually we would just find cafe, sit and reminiscing, but this time, it was more of this famous road of Singapore.. He played with our Lumix LX3 and here are his results..

Branded Boutiques in Mandarin Gallery
marc jacob mandarin gallery

mandarin gallery

d&G mandarin gallery
and stylish people of Orchard Road...
emporio armani mandarin gallery
and the Mandarin Hotel...
mandarin hotel orchard road
and the couples sitting outside Mandarin Gallery...
orchard road hanging out
and..yes..that includes us..=p
that's how you walk Orchard Road..=p
My rings on that day.. Apparently, it's not good for us to wear too much rings on one hand, as I heard from Jessica's aunt..=`((( I love lots of rings on my fingers how?? =`(((
M. E. = Me
bf got excited to snap a limousine..=p
limousine in orchard road
and he snapped a lot of pics of Knightsbridge..
Knightsbridge orchard road
and I wonder if it's because of the Abercrombie & Fitch ad..=p
It's hard not to notice though..=p
orchard road singapore
ahhh.. Paragon...
paragon orchard road
Those boards are pictures of things that ones must visit/try/eat in Singapore...
must see in singapore
Can you spot me?? =p
ngee ann city singapore

ngee ann city orchard road

And after enough photo taking, we went to Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City to peeked on magazines.. It was a good day..teehee..=p


michelle_ said...

looks like a fun trip !
singapore is always awesome !

www.glisters and blisters.com

g.ta said...

yes it is..=`)

Fashion Fabrice said...

its probably because of the AF ad;) haha

Nice pictures:)Looks like a nice place!


Nava.K said...

beautiful scenery of Singapore and plenty to spent on the branded goods.

g.ta said...

Thanks Farah and Nava for stopping by..=`)

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