24 July 2011

Can't get enough..

Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.. - Albus Dumbledore

So I recently read a blog post which is kind of "similar" to mine and it made me frown. Like Xiaxue said, if you cannot write then don't, why copy? It may be almost all pictures post, but I kind of did some work to get those pics too and a post with same pics is just not cool, man, not cool.. But this has made me learn to appreciate people's original work more and try to pay more attention to credits every time I am to use others work or pictures..=`)

Anyhow, enough with annoying peeps, move on to favorite person in my life who spent two weeks of holiday with me.. I felt so much loved whenever he is with me.. <3<3<3 Now that is something no one can copy..=p

On our monthiversary we visited Vivo City- Resort World Sentosa, and I just can't get enough of how beautiful Sentosa is.. Major love.. <3<3<3
Pictures bombing coming through..
bakerzin vivo high tea

vivo city

resort world sentosa

sentosa boardwalk from vivo

sentosa boardwalk

how to go to sentosa

Below two pictures were taken using cheap tripod I bought at Daiso.. Major fail pictures..=p
sentosa boardwalk beautiful

beautiful sentosa boardwalk

See how beautiful Sentosa has become?? <3<3<3
A special shout out to dear friend, Erni Shie.. This can convince you to come already or not?? =p
fake river at sentosa

universal studio singapore

Starting from this picture, the ones with owls are to cover my fatty belly..=`(((
universal sudiot

hershey chocolate at sentosa

lake of dreams sentosa

m and m s

candylicious uss

candylicious sentosa

jelly belly

sentosa uss

Watched Crane Dance before headed home.. It appears to be a love story!! <3<3<3 Read more about it here..
beautiful crane dance

crane dance every friday

crane dance sentosa

crane dance

It was beautiful.. But it wet my camera's lens..=p

How do you celebrate your monthiversary??


Karoline Kalvø said...

So beautiful! Love your style.

Come visit me
Karoline Kalvo

g.ta said...

Thank you..=`)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

wonderful picture :)

g.ta said...

Thank you..=`)

Kristin said...

The crane dance is really beautiful! I should head down to watch the show the coming weekend =)

g.ta said...

yes, should watch!! it was lovely..=`)

Bad Joan said...

Great pictures. Love the vibrancy.


g.ta said...

Thank you Joan..=`)

Nava.K said...

Been seeing Universal Studio at Singapore many times, I am trying to make it by end of the year.

g.ta said...

end of year would be fun!! =`)

ernie shie said...

PIAKKK!!! u buat w ngiler tata T_T hiksss.. tanggung jawab! bawa daku kesana ;p

g.ta said...

tunda2x terus siy..mwehehehhe..=p

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