31 December 2010

The last post of 2010..

So this is the last post of 2010!!! What I can reminisce from the year? Can't get a job in Singapore, LPR rejected, go back to Medan, go back to previous work place, damn!! People are moving forward while I am moving backward!! I hate the year, but, hey, at least, kind people are still exist, like my friend Ms.Olivia who helped me to get a job back and Mr. Erwin who accepted me back, and on this year, I got a new camera!! teehee..=p
Of course everybody wants and expect a better living..I do not have any resolution for the year 2011, I have giving up expecting too much and had enough disappointment..Next year I just wanna be happy, I just wanna surround myself with happy and healthy people who instead of pulling me down, toast me up..=`)
Enough of the emo thingy, and let's fill this post with pictures!! 
Tangs may have won the Best Dressed Building at Orchard Road, but in my opinion, Ang Mo Kio Hub has the best decoration in Singapore for this year's Christmas!!

And then there is the wishing well..

Wish everyone a very wonderful New Year..Happy 2011!!


Karunia said...

kok dirimu tak ajak aku ke sana? hahaha...

g.ta said...

tapi pada mau ke bugis??hihihahaha..

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