03 January 2011

First post of 2011

Happy 2011!! It's 11, let's hope it's a lucky year for all of us!! My sister and I spent New Year's eve with my bestie, Karunia and her ever-merry siblings who came to Singapore for holiday too!! We had lunch at President (Indonesian Restaurant) at Lucky Plaza where they serve yummy fried rice!! Too hungry till forgot to took pictures of the food..=p My sister kinda fell in love with the owner's business tongue...=p

Walk a short round at Orchard 

Then headed to Bugis Junction/Street

When she started to bugged us that she wanted a Korean-style bun!!!! So we went to this shop named Fairy Tale and the shop's pretty lady helped her to bun-ed her hair..

The happy girl..

It felt like a short day coz they have to hurried back to catch their bus..Sis and I went home after dinner and spent the last hours of 2010 eating McDonald's delivery as supper with mom and dad..Simple yet lovely way to end the year..<3

I kinda started another blog which I post about the food that I ate, not as good as any food blogger, but do drop by if you decided that it is worth your time..<3


michelle_ said...

i want one !

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