28 December 2010

A visit to Marina Bay Sands

If you're in Singapore for holiday, the must-visit place on your list now will be the two Integrated Resorts, no? So off we go to the tall and slim Marina Bay Sands..actually went there to check it out and took pictures only, not to stay in their hotel la, teehee..=p

Wouldn't be Singapore if they don't develop well and fast do they? The last time I visited MBS was on September with my friends, and boy now the shoppe at MBS has changed a lot. They now have ice-skating ring inside!!

It was just outside of the their food centre, Rasapura Masters..Some tables are only beside the ring..Imagine having your meal while watching people slide around the ring..(auntie's mind)
The shopping centre even have gondola service to entertain visitors, where they can ride on it (pay la of course)!! Another auntie position again, that sight can be enjoyed if you sit and having cuppa at The Coffee Bean too!!

Gotta hand it to Singapore to attract visitors..<3

Love to take pic at this magic mirror at MBS, it is only one mirror but look at the reflections!!

I will leave you some pictures to let you see how awesome MBS by yourself..<3


M I N G said...

wow. how awesome.

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