05 April 2010

THE Symposium

So the day has finally come to meet my favorite bloggers!! The Nuffnang's First Bloggers Symposium sponsored by Canon was held last 03 April 2010 at the Singapore Management University Kong Si Auditorium. 
My sister and I eagerly arrived early, registered and get the lucky draw number and a goodie bag each from Canon.

The goodie bag consists of the event itinerary, Canon Products Catalog, and a big size notebook. 
We spotted Nicole from mycherrymagazine and asked to take pics with her.

She is so sweet and friendly, she asked our names and took pic of the three of us using her Canon S90 too..Obviously I look fat and retarded next to her..=.="

We come to realize that we didn't make it to the Top 5 of the Mini Photo Contest, which is sad (I really want the Canon S90!!!), but then learned the reason why after we've seen the Top 5..

We were asked to vote for the best pictures, whom will take home a Canon S90, I voted for no. 5, but picture no 2 won the title and the camera.

I managed to took pic with all of the guest speakers bloggers..

 Ms. Leonny Atmadja from Our Everyday Things

Mr. Joe from techielobang and Mr. Leslie from ieatishootipost

Velda from belluspuera
She is really gorgeous la I'm so hideous standing next to her..=.="

All of the guest speakers
(pic taken from Our Everyday Things)

We were break into each of the guest speakers workshop, and I joined Ms. Leonny's Parenting Photography workshop.

There She was preparing while hubby watched from the side..awwwwww..<3

The seminar room was packed. She shared tips of blogging and photography which was very fresh and useful!! By fresh meaning I never heard of those tips before ( I should really watch my angle and background from now on) and I really want to try it out but it seems like my camera now can't do much of it. She mentioned that she is very satisfied with pictures taken by the S90 which makes me drooling even more for it!!
The workshop last about an hour, after that we gathered back at the auditorium for lucky draw winner. We didn't win both of the camera they gave away..*sob*sob* but I definitely a happy woman that day, being able to meet all the bloggers offline, and being able to gain knowledge from a pro, so Nuffnang+Canon definitely deserve *claps*claps* good job*

Can you spot us?
(pics from belluspuera)


Ernie Shie said...

Ta.. happy amet donk? =D
Btw, veldanya cakep amet yaaa..

g.chan said...

iyah ni..
very happy!! finally a!! hihihi..
iyah velda cakep bgt kan..huhuhu..
wa kebanting bgt disamping dia..hihihi..

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