01 April 2010

Fun yet Holy..

It's the first of April. It's April Fool's day, but this year, it is also Maundy Thursday or also known as Holy Thursday. It was the day where Jesus sat down with His disciples for a feast, which we known as The Last Supper. It will be followed by Good Friday and Easter, so this holy week is actually a very important week for us, Catholic. My family and I will join Eucharist Celebration on all the important days in Church of Saint Anthony.

So, besides the holy week, today is also April Fools day..every year my mom would tell  lies  that scares everybody that this year nobody believes her anymore,haha, so no special prank this year.
I remember how I used to spend the fools days back then at Rainbow School with the teachers and students. Back then I will supa lazy to think of the costume, the games, the presents for the classes, but now that I don't do it anymore, I actually kinda miss it..hmm..

So, have yourself a very fun April Fools day and a very blessed Holy Weekend..=`)


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