29 April 2010

it's ME..

I BOLD what is TRUE..I know you won't read till the end, but I don't care..=p
my appearance.
my hair is not it’s natural color anymore.
I haven’t grown any since I was in middle school.
I weigh less then 110 pounds.
I’m currently really pale, but I tan so easily in summer.
my skin breaks out bad when I’m really stressed out.
I’m constantly being told I have pretty eyes by people.
I smile all the time.
it doesn’t take much at all to have me laughing.
people compliment me a lot for my outfits and stuff.
I will not leave my house looking a mess, not ever.
I don’t wear any kind of make up. ever.
with my emotions you can pretty much read me like a book.
I have a tattoo.

some flaws that I have.
I don’t think before I say things, so it gets me in trouble.
I don’t take well to not getting my way, and my behavior gets out of line.
I tend to assume the worst about things and then I blow it out of proportion..and it’s just bad.
forgiveness is so hard for me, I can’t forgive myself and I can’t forgive you either.
I can be really selfish, and I hate it about myself.
once someone hurts me I stop caring and for some reason think thats enough justification to do worse by them.
there always seems to be something on my mind, my mind doesn’t ever shut down.
I can’t ever let things be, I always read too into things.
I don’t think anyone can do worse by me, I’m my own worst enemy.
I don’t even realise so much of the things I do.
I have some ridiculous mood swings, they can get really bad.
I get into these awful emotional ruts, and they are the absolute worst.

some dumbshit that I’ve done before.
had sex with someone that I didn’t even have feelings for.
snuck out of my house.
snuck a member of the opposite sex into my house.
stolen from someone close to me.
technically stolen someones car for a few hours.
purchased a large amount of weed to blaze with a group of friends.
came home waaaaaasted.
covered for a friend where if found out police could have been called.
drove around on main highways with a illegal vehicle.
driven without any kind of practice, permit or license.
made someone close to me cry.
shoplifted more than $100 worth of shit from one store.
ordered food for delivery and paid the entire bill and tip in change.
played a meeean prank on someone who was interested in one of my friends.

about relationships I have with people who mean the most to me.
I tend to get to points in time where i just push everyone away from me.
my family and I are really fucking close, with the exception of me and my dad.
I have two best friends, one is a girl and one is a boy.
I’ve lost a lot of people throughout my life, I swear more than most people.
it doesn’t matter how close I am to you, I have the hardest time opening up.
I have horrible luck when it comes to relationships like dating and shit.
I’m so scared at the thought of losing someone who I hold close to my heart.
I feel bad for it…but I get really easily annoyed with people.
I’ve not given two shits for someone for a while and then later in time i got to getting a long with them.
I tend to act like whoever I am around. it’s not trying to be fake. or me not being “my own person” it’s just how I get.
when I’m completely comfortable with someone I’m a smartass and like giving people hell. lol.
no questions asked I would do anything for my friends and my family.

I guess this is about my lifestyle.
I spent a whole lot of my time growing up at one of my relatives houses.
I want to settle down in a small town I’m pretty sure.
I wanna live in a little cute house with wrap around porch has rocking chair and porch swing.
I want one marriage, to get it right the first time. and grow old with the love of my life.
I know for a fact that i want at least one kid.
I want to be moved out of my parents house before I turn 25 years old.
I’ve always lived in the same county the same home all of my life.
I don’t plan to stay living in my hometown my whole life or moving back ever once I leave.
I would love to be the housewife taking care of the house and kids, but  I want a job to support myself also.
my parents raised me in a southern way.
I will make sure that my kids are raised to be well mannered and respectful for sure.
I more so excited about my future than I am scared about it.
I can’t wait especially to start my own family.

things that make me smile.
any kind of lame joke, they usually will have me laughing.
cute little kids.
seeing someone else laughing, especially when they have a contagious laugh.
having money to blow, and going shopping with it.
when you think you did awful on a quiz and turns out you passed it.
dippin dots ice cream.
the feeling you get when you are around the person you like.
coming across people who have manners.
recieving more than one compliment in one day.
when someone says something to you that makes you go “awh.”
reliving a memory in your mind that afterwards you realise leaves you smiling or laughing.
seeing something and thinking automatically it belongs to be a photograph.
stepping outside to a beautiful day.
when you realize that you won at something.
the feeling of sand between your toes.
when your counting down to something and it gets to single digit days until.

things that I can’t stand
when someone who you really care for says they will text or call you and they don’t.
when someone tries to give their opinion on you when they don’t know you enough to do so.
when things are going really good for you but awful for someone who is close to you.
when people don’t assert any sort of discipline on their children and they are just out of control.
when you always have to be the bigger person in a situation when it comes to a particular person.
when someone thinks that decisions can be made based on their opinions without the consideration of the other person when it involves both of you.
when people say “I don’t know” all the time instead of offering their explanation that they obviously have.
when you can see through a person, but for whatever reason everyone else doesn’t see it.
when an artist/band does a cover for a song when it should have just been left alone.
the fact that certain people are made examples of on problems that happen all the time and no other person catches hell for it.
when someone does something fucked up and doesn’t think that i will find out about it.

inspired by Sick Sad World..
 we luv black


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