30 April 2010

Step up!!

Medan's Polonia Airport sucks big time!!!

You know, when it come down to time where I have to return to Medan, I feel OK, happy to be back to Medan, and from Changi Airport, everything is so organized: look out for the check in counter, queue to check in with the luggage, queue for the immigration, find the gate, and fly. We do everything by ourselves, the staffs are organized, the signpost everywhere.

But when it's time to fly back from Medan to Singapore, IT IS ALWAYS A DISASTER.

I already felt annoyed on the way there, because I already know what's going to happened there. When we walk in to the check in room, which is small that even family member or friends are not allowed to accompany us (what a nonsense), I walked to the check in counter. It was always messy, the porters (the guys who help carry the passengers' luggage)  will stand with messy luggage, together with the passengers, that I do not understand which counters should I approach. So CJ approach one of the staff to ask whether we are in the right line. You know what did he get? A look on the guy's face and he just walk pass CJ. I was like 

F**KS**TA*****ES*K**H***A on my mind.
(whoever could translate that will receive a special collection of chocolate from me. SERIOUS.)

So whatever, we're used to it anyway, we just approached one of the counter that looks like it and checked in. I have a luggage with me so CJ helped me to carry it, about to had it measured and a guy from travel agencies yelled, OI, you queue for check in and then you queue to have your luggage in!!

 F**KS**TA*****ES*K**H***A on my mind

What kind of system is that??!! You're supposed to checked in a person together with his/her luggage, isn't it how it's supposed to be?? 

And then the Fiscal queue. There are only two counters for all the international flights. GREAT. And the staffs work real careful (sarcasm for slow), and in front of me there are dozens of guys from travel agencies, each holding dozens of passports. Some of them will also cut the line suddenly, pretending to talk to one of them as friends. Or will suddenly hand in a dozen more to the already queue guy to help them by paying extra money. 

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine how pity I am lining together with them? This is the problem. The problem with Medanese. I get it if travel agencies want to make money, but travel agencies abroad do not do this. You get money from selling tickets, not by queuing to check passengers in or to sort their fiscal problem!! Get a grip!!  It is only to spoil most of already lazy and confused Medanese. Can't you just do it yourself? If you're flying home from abroad, you gotta check in yourself, fill in your own immigration form, handle it all yourself too aren't you? So why can't you do it in Medan too? It will save each and every one of us from getting annoyed. 

Finished with the fiscal thing, I heard a westerner yelled, I HATE THIS COUNTRY. She looked lost, not sure of which queue to line, she even queue for the fiscal where She doesn't need to. There are no signpost, instructions, that help passengers in any way. You wanna ask, you gotta pay something extra.

So, there will be a new airport for Medan, which will located in Kualanamu. I've heard of this news since........I don't know, long long time ago? but I ain't see any of it yet until now.
Please, Medan, you need to step up!!


Ernie Shie said...

Jangan marahhh taaaa... calm down ;)

g.ta said...

ga tahan a, ni..tiap kali gitu a..ntah mau ampe kapan..*sigh*
thanks for always visiting ya, mami erni..hihihi..=`)

My LIfe My Journey said...

trying to gain chocolate from translating that F**K..bla bla bla...
hahaha.. but failed! sigh!

g.ta said...

beware: it's a harsh one!! bet you can't sort it..hahahaha..

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