02 December 2009

I need money!!

Yup, you hear me right..I have had my holiday long enough now and I still haven't secure myself a job in Singapore and yeah..so..I need money!! Instant!! Hah!!
You probably wondered "what the heck is she talking about??" 
I'm trying to listen to CJ's persuasion, that we can actually making money by blogging. He said that I shouldn't ignore the advantage of having fast internet speed here in Singapore compared to Medan. He is quiet right actually, it's that I don't have much confident though, since my writing was never as good enough to get myself paid, unlike some famous blogger like my personal fave, Xiaxue who can receive approximately SGD1500++ for an advertorial..
CJ himself had been posted more lately to boost his blog traffic, as I am here, still lazing and stalling time, which I find very shamefully ignorant.
So, as you can see that there are more adverts now on my blog on the side bar and bottom, which CJ added for me (again, shameful..=.= ). They could actually cash in with clicks. Yuppies, only clicks, from followers of course, and readers. So be nice, readers, click those ads once in a while!! LOL..
I can't pretty much explain more about the money-making through Internet here, as I, myself still learning. It's actually pretty easy and simple, you get Paid to Click. So, if you're interested at all, you can get the details here.
So, I actually need inspirations to post more interesting articles to spoil you, readers, and I need to go outside to get inspirations, and I need money to go outside!! so..CLICK MY ADS YOU PEOPLE!! hah!! 


Ernie Shie said...

Cia you Greta Chandra!!! >.< GBU

g.ta said...

thank you ni..hihihi..=D

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