08 December 2009

blogs I follow..

as you can see on the right side of the page, there is a list of blogs I follow..It's almost end of year, and through out this year I've been updating the list, which contain blogs I enjoy to read, people I adore and blogs that inspire me..I realized then that I never really introduce them to my readers, well, maybe some of them there's no need to introduce as they are famous enough to be known, however I still think I need to have to intro them and tell you the reasons why they are on my list, on my personal blog.
Here we go..
This blog runs by Gloria Agatha, from Jakarta, Indonesia. She loves fashion, and even created a fashion line handmade by herself, named jii by Gloria Agatha. The reason why I follow her blog is that I admire her fashion sense, and her creativity that I don't possess at all. She drew pattern and sew all her handmade clothes all by herself!!

This blog runs by Catherine Clara, my sister. She writes about her daily activities, so this blog kinda serves as her diary. As you noticed if you visit her blog, the last time she updated it was 3 months ago. She is now kind of busy with college life so yeah..She used to updated a lot, so if you wanna her to write again let's sign a petition together!! hahaha..=D

This blog runs by Charles Josua, my favorite person in the world..♥
He writes about, mostly games review, the ones that he played or the ones that he would recommend you to play. He's good at it you know, those games..LOL.. He also review movies, the good one of course, even though I kinda force him on the NEW MOON part..hihihi..Lately he also post more about how to make money online. Do visit..=D


This blog runs by Dawn Yang. Probably no need to introduce as she is famous enough, especially if you're male, LOL. She used to based in Singapore, now in New York to pursue her study. Her blog now contain her dailies in New York, mostly travel, culinary and parties. I followed her because she used to be Xia Xue's rival as Singapore's blogger queen but the reason I follow her blog now is only to look at her pictures which she post more than her writing now..

The blog runs by Dewi Susilo, a close friend of my sister. Her blog contain much about her daily life here that she is in Singapore, pursuing her study. The thing that I love about her blog is that she changes the theme, accordingly, and right now it's Christmas theme which is very cute, go check it out!!

This blog is an official website of Dominique Agisca Diyose. There's so many things that I like about her!! She's a model, she's talented, she's pretty, great proportion, and she's one humble supermodel!! This website include a diary section where she writes about her tight modeling schedules, gallery where you can check out her pictures in different kind of make up and costumes, also ask domi section where we can leave message for her..luurrvee!!

This blog runs by Lim Echa, a close friend of my cousin. She writes about her dailies too, her opinion, her favorite things, kinda like a diary of her. She likes to visit my blog and dropped comments, (thanks, dear..) we even share our crush on The Twilight Saga, teehee..!!

This blog runs by my best friend,  Karuia Yu. She posts touching stories and stories of her life too. She just started the blog months ago so let's urge her to write more and update often!! teehee!!


This blog runs by Leonny, a mother of 2, Anya and Vai. She shares parenting tips on her blog together with cute pictures of her two lovely and cheerful children makes me love this blog so much. You can read from her writings that she has this very positive attitude in handling her children and family. The blog got nominated for several awards here in Singapore too.

This blog runs by Michelle Hendra, from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a dancer and a fashion admirer. She posts about fashion a lot. I like it when she post pictures of herself with details of what she was wearing on the pics. I also enjoy reading her posts. She has great fashion sense and a great attitude too.


This is a super cute blog!! It contains stories (with picture) of two milk teeth who are best friends with super cute and funny adventure stories. The writer is a genius tough. It is very fun to read so you better check it out yourself!!

 12. OPINI
This blog runs by a senior journalist, erm..which is my father, hehehe..It is an online media blog. You can read about what's happening in Medan, Indonesia, mostly economic article. If you have an event which you would like to be reviewed or would like to post advert, you can contact him through the blog..

This blog runs by Patricia Mok, a Mediacorp Artist who loves to shop so much. She used to had her blog closed for public, which made me kinda dissapointed but now that she allowed us to view her shopping blog once again, I'm thrilled!! She posts mostly about the things that she bought, where she had her meals and much more interesting shopping-related stuffs!! I envy her slim figure..=.=

This is a ribbon boutique blog. It gives information about the hand made ribbons, and how you can get them. Each design of ribbon is unique and rare you can't find yourself wearing the same one with others. They have ribbons for all occasions and items range from hair clips to brooches to hair bands, at reasonable prices so make sure you visit!!

This blog runs by Stella Lowis from Medan, Indonesia. She is a student, a model, and a future pastry chef!! Super-talented I must say. The blog contain her dailies, her modeling activities, with pictures of her interesting life journey. She enjoys baking pretty cupcakes and a cat lover herself. I love reading her stories..=`)


This blog runs by Keropok Man, who stays in Singapore. He posts daily pictures of Singapore which I found very interesting. Everyday there is always something new and interesting  happens in Singapore, which even though I stay here I could not take the moment down myself as I live quite far from the city. Luckily we found our self The Keropok Man!! teehee..

This blog runs by Christine, my cousin. She has this thing for movie and DVDs so she always post about her favorite movies, and Indonesian artists that she loves so much (=.=). She is currently very busy with her work that she abandoned her blog. So let's sign another petition for her to posts more and update!!

And the last but of course not least, The Great Xia Xue!!! Of course, no intro, all of you must have known her. She is Singapore top blogger, Singapore top earning blogger. Her posts are honest, original, with strong attitude, I love!! She even host an online show, Xia Xue's guide to life which is a hit in Singapore. Her photoshop skill is woah!! She got paid to blog, and her blog has won several awards here in Singapore. The daily view of the blog is 20,000!!
I personally love the PHOTO OF THE MOMENT from the blog. What about you?

There, I've share my blog roll with you, mind to share yours??


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