20 November 2009

merry, merry anniversary

Yes, it's our 5th year anniversary this month, CJ flew all the way from Medan to Singapore just to celebrate this day with me..He's the sweetest..<3
What do you think of anniversary?? It's excited yet painful..I'm thrilled cause it's been years since we're together and we're still going strong despite whatever condition, and I'm truly grateful for that..However in the other hand...it's been 5 years and we haven't move on to the next stage and it's kinda freaked me out..Some of my friends had tied the knot right after college, some has gotten pregnant, some has even exploded!! Gosh, it's been sick enough and people keep asking the same hell question, "WHEN WILL BE YOUR TURN??" gah..like I don't wish it to happen soon?? How to explain to people that it's the condition of this life that won't approve us..and kinda how to explain to myself too..sigh..
Anyways..CJ was sick when he came visit for 5days and on the day, we were only having a anniversary dinner at a sushi place, but we were happy..
Some photos to show you all kepos..

It is still November, but Singapore is so ready for Christmas, that is one of the reason why I love Singapore!! The lights are so beautiful at night at Orchard, and it is specially crowded on weekends, I can't imagine how will it turns out on the actual Christmas day!!

There is this Christmas tree that drawn my attention right in front of ION Orchard..

and why exactly it is different?? because...it has an entrance!!

and inside is just as beautiful as outside..

but I do get dizzy while starring at the starry-starry lights though..

And of course the merry-merry decorations don't only stop by Orchard, the airport looks Christmasy too..

So, how's the anniversary and Christmas on your side??


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