11 November 2009

Promotional Pics

OK, still on New Moon fever, oh come on!! Don't blame me!! It's going to rule the box office anyway, so let me have some fun here!! This is why I ♥ November so much!! teehee..=D
So, the casts have been all over to promote the movie, and I'm going to post some of the pics that I adore so bare with me..=p

 Magazine Shoots that I heart!!



Kristen - Taylor
I lurve Kristen's outfits on all these 3 pics..


Rob and Director Chris
in Japan

Jamie Campbell Bower and Ed, Charlie- Cameron..
well, mostly the CAIUS, of course..=D


The main casts
in Paris..

and the bonus for Team Robsten..
They left Paris holding hands..
happy now??


Sorry for the pics spam, but I know you love it..=D
I'm in the mood for love for my CJ will come tomorrow for our anniversary!! yupppiiessss...=D



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