15 June 2009

.:: KL ::.

so....I have not been blogged for days and I actually miss it!! =D
As I have told you in the previous post, I will go to KL-Genting for 4 days 3 nights with CJ..
So today we went to the airport at 6.15 from home, which was actually 15 minutes late from planned, and arrived at 6.35 at the airport, we queued up to check in, and I was surprised that it was not crowded, until we got the seat number.....it was the lucky last row of the plane!!! turn out that we were actually really late to check in when it is actually still 1 hour and 25 minutes before depart time!!! Medan people are super KIASU!!
so we go through fiscal checkin, pay airport tax, go through immigration where people just cut queue from everywhere..fiuh..and finally sat in waiting room and scan for free wi-fi..
We took off at 8 o'clock sharp, sat at the last line, but felt real comfortable during flight, thumbs up for Air Asia..=D
Arrived at KL LCCT at 10 o'clock, have to walked for reallllyyyy far to reach the immigration and to collect our luggage. Then bought bus tickets to KL Sentral. It was actually buses provided by Air Asia, but we have to pay RM9 each to reach their bus station in town. It took approximately 1 hour.

From there, we searched for bus to First World Hotel, where we were going to stay in Genting. And it turns out that buses are supposed to drop us at the skyway, then we have to take the cable car to the hotels....bbbbrrrrrrrr...I can't stand the thought of me in CABLE CAR!!! so, a taxi driver offered to drive us directly to the hotel at a killing price. We tried to bargain and finally the driver offered us reasonable price but we have to share it with another couple. The couple actually looked decent so we finally agreed to take the taxi that drove us safely to First World Hotel. The driver was real friendly, he suggested places to visit in KL and directed us how to..which was actually useless, I'll tell you why in the next post..=/
So we arrived at First World Hotel at 1 PM, took the queue number at CS, and took lunch at BK while waiting for check in time at 3 PM.

We got 19th floor room, arranged luggage and took a shower, we went out to the First World Plaza to spend the rest of the night checkin out the casino, the stores, had dinner, and back real exhausted to bed at 11PM..gotta wake up early for breakfast..see you in the next post...=D


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