16 June 2009


Woke up at 8am in Genting!!! The air was so cold and fresh!! aaaahhhh...so much different from Medan...After bath, we went down to First World Cafe to claimed our breakfast...It was soooo crowded!! It was actually Tuesday, not even weekend!!! so we tried to find seats and start to indulge the quite standard breakfast, just like any other hotel..There were cereals, milk, juices, coffee+tea, porridge, rice with ham-sausage-curry chicken for you to take as much as you can consume..However we had to queue to get omelet, fried bee-hoon, prata, and french toast. And so, being a busybody, I follow the omelet queue, which was a long one, for 15minutes then I got the omelet, tried it and.....it was TASTELESS..damn..there goes my 15 minutes...

After breakfast, we went to the cineplex, and bought tickets to watch Monsters vs Aliens OSIM seats. CJ was so excited as the OSIM massage chair really relaxed and soothed us.

Then we had lunch and went to bought outdoor tickets. Outdoor theme park looks really tempting...for the men!!! I am coward enough to have to try all those trill games!!! So CJ tried all those trill games by himself and I was only there to accompanied him in queues..

I actually fell in love with the Beryl's Chocolate Factory which was decorated kiddie enough to show the process of chocolate making by the famous Beryl's Chocolate, I can't stop takin pic!! =D

After CJ had tried all the roller coaster, the killing pirate ship, we went indoor again to take our dinner. Food are quite pricey here in Genting, and it tastes not as good as Medan's..=/
We spend the rest of the night cuddling in the hotel room as there was no tomorrow...=`)


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