17 June 2009

adventure is.....sore legs!!

The third day of short holiday with CJ ♥ ..We will left Genting and move on back to KL..so took another round of breakfast, minus the omelet, after that went down to the bus station to buy tickets to KL. Back to hotel room, check out, then went to find the bus, and departed to KL. I was nauseous during the way back from Genting. The road was just so bendy (is this the correct vocab?? LOL) I can't stand it, but after the bus have reached the highway then I was alrite.
We stopped at Pudu Raya Terminal, then walk to find our hotel, Radius. The taxi driver said that it is only a 5-minutes walk from the station, however, we reached the hotel after 15 minutes walk..and it was very hot..=/
Reached the hotel, tried to check in, but the CS told us to wait for 1 more hour, fffuuuuhh...so we put our bags at the concierge and went to find lunch. There are lots of Chinese food to choose alongside Bukit Bintang, so we just choose a random one, and ordered. Back to the hotel, and the CS still asked us to wait with the reason that the hotel rooms are full. So I put this really ugly face and ask till what time we have to wait, and he gave us the room at the 13th floor immediately, aha, 13th, revenge, huh..
The room is quiet nice though, compared to First World Hotel, with king size bed and bathtub, and...hair dryer!!!aaaahhhh..=D
After bath, went to PAVILION, shop, and then found Subway, CJ's favorite, he was all smile while eatin it, so cute..=D

Then, I remembered there is Fish&Co in KL, at this Bangsar Village, we asked the taxi driver back then, and he said that it is easy to reach, just take the train to Bangsar station. And so the two busybodies with all this adventure rush, set off to find Bangsar Village!!!
We took monorail from Bukit Bintang to KL Sentral. From there we have to walk to the LRT station, which is around 10 minutes. At the LRT station, super dizzy as this station also serve KL KTM, KL Express, Rapid KL and any other shit, I don't even know which way to go, so asked around, then finally took this LRT to Bangsar. Arrived Bangsar. Dang. Nothing there, no big supermall written down Bangsar Village.
So asked around again, the man asked us to go straiiighhhtttt then turn right. So we went straiigghhttt then turn right. Still nothing happened. So we keep on walking, till we met this guy, and he told us to just walk straiiiggghhttt. Seriously, when he said straight, his hand pointed real far. So we keep on walking, for almost half an hour I guess, then we saw it, real big. A banner written down Bangsar Village. When we approached it and take a closer look, it was actually like Holland Village in Singapore. An elite place. Lots of ang moh. OK, no wonder there's no train that stop here, most of them drive good cars. zzzzzz....

Then I saw it, the Fish&Co!!! It was located at a mall, I forgot the name, we rushed there and orderd 2 mains directly, thinkin it was to comfort us after looonggg walk back there!!!! We ordered a seafood platter for 1 and the best fish&chip in town, plus a super huge drink. aaaa....delight!!

Dinner done. dang. how are we supposed to go back?? walk another round to Bangsar Station?? aaaaaaaaaaaa....I can't stand the thought!! So CJ suggested we took taxi back to KL Sentral monorail, and it turn out to be cost as low as RM4 only!!!damn stupidddd!!!should have took the taxi than have to suffered from the sore legs!!!!
Reached hotel at real late, took a warm bath in the bath tub then went to bed massage each other's legs..aaaa...adventure = sore legs, but definitely fun if you do it with your love one..=D


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