09 October 2008

my best friend's wedding..


it's my best friend's wedding..They got married on the date they got hitched 2 years ago..it was so touching..she's a close friend of mine and I cannot believe that she is a wife now, a happy one, I hope..hehe, cause we love her, she's happy, full of energy, and cute!!

The wedding itself took place in Siantar, a town that need 3 hours long to reach from Medan, and we managed to get there for her..It's a tiring journey, but saw her with that beautiful white wedding gown cured all. She's so beautiful..accompanied by a handsome groom some more, how can we complain? ^^.

She is the youngest from three, though she managed to get married before her eldest brother and sister, salute her..=D
She followed Chinese tradition where the couple should serve tea to the seniors or we call "Phang Teh", followed by where the couple distribute red pocket (Hong Bao) to the children and we, girls whom has not get hitched, so they can share their bliss and happiness to us..(We all prayed the moment we got that red pocket that it will be our turn soon..!!hehehew..)

So here I am, feel really jealous but really happy for her..I wish them happily ever after..


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