04 October 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around~

it's true,you know..
It's like karma,really..
Have seen some from my daily life..
it's up to you to believe..
I believe in God..though if you don't believe, believe in nature..
If you did something bad, the nature will do it to you, someday..or maybe sooner than you think..
and vice versa..
If you did something good, the nature will repay you someday..

One of my relative used to be jealous of my mom. She tried to broke my mom's marriage..Yes,she did..too bad,right?
It's not success,though..But do you know what happen to her now?
Her husband left her..YES, scary right? God works in His own way, and so does nature..

Once I wanted to take my money from ATM machine, I queue with my boyfriend. A guy left and we enter the ATM booth, but we found this guy's wallet at the top of the machine. Two sides of me worked in different thought. I told my boyfriend, just take it. But such an angel he is, he suggested that we chase that guy back and returned it to him. So we did. And how thankful that guy is!! Some other day later, being lazy am I, I only took my wallet to hang out with my sister and cousin. We were inside a shop in a mall, and I tried on a shirt. After that we left that shop and headed to a restaurant. When we reached it, I realized that i have lost my wallet!! I got shock, and pale, confused, didn't know what to do. But suddenly, the shop patron that we visited before came to me with my wallet, and returned it to me. Goodness!! You see? If I have not returned that guy's wallet the other day, I might have lost my wallet too!! It's so funny and weird how things are going to turn out, and it's not our job to predict it..

So, the point of my story..as a human, just let nature take its course, do good things and it will come to you one day..coz..WGACA..take care..^^.


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