18 December 2013

We had fun at MBS..

Oh my gawd this blog is so dead, I can't even.... I used to blame it on Instagram but now I have to blame it on Dayre too!! It made blogging so much easier when you can do it from your phone.. Check out mine at http://dayre.me/gretachan

Am posting about our long overdue fun back in August!! We had lunch at the notorious Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Singapura, back when they haven't opened branches yet, and we queued for an hour plus for our table!! 

Finally seated!!
 photo timhowanps_zps2dd98e27.jpg

Judging from mom's smile, the queue must be worth it.. =p
 photo timhowansingapore_zps82e0533a.jpg

Food post soon on teru2xbozu goes hungry, I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo timhowan_zps847d9f92.jpg

After lunch, we headed to Marina Bay Sands.. only to stumbled upon STGCC that was held there..=`)
 photo stgccmarinabaysands_zps6bac1b84.jpg

Sorry mommy, bad angle.. =p
 photo stgccmbs_zpseee8748c.jpg

Little Kent was so stoked..=D
 photo stgcc2013marinabaysands_zps8846845f.jpg

Then we continued our fun day by buying the Canal boat tickets!!
 photo canalboatsingapore_zpsb94afa91.jpg

Little Kent appointed the sis to accompany him..=p
 photo canalridemarinabaysands_zpsd774d0c4.jpg

So touristy..=p
 photo canalride_zpsbbe349ec.jpg

He was a happy boy that day..=`))
 photo canalridembssingapore_zps94de43db.jpg

Check out his attempt to be pictured while jumping..=p
 photo LVatMBS_zps00940d60.jpg
 photo LVbythewaterfront_zps2136fb0d.jpg
 photo LVMBS_zpsbeed63fa.jpg

Gelato and beverage time..=`)
 photo auchocolatmbs_zpsfb2fd017.jpg
 photo auchocolat_zps60da7334.jpg

Then we went outside to wait for the Wonder Full Light and Water Show..=`)
 photo singaporeatnight_zpsd8024849.jpg
 photo mbslightshow_zps6b64ee10.jpg

We had fun at MBS indeed!! =`))


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Meilina Utomo said...

Love your inspiring blog :)


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