22 May 2013

more hang out!!

I was in Medan last month so managed to meet my homies!! Haahaha.. these are the few people that even though I rarely meet, but when we do, we still have a lotttt to talk about!! =p
Since my camera felt so bulky to be carried around lately, all below photos are taken using Camera360 app on my phone..=p Pardon me for being such a lazy blogger!!! =p

Met ex-colleagues over pasta at Dome..=`)
 photo friends_zps7fda13a6.jpg
 photo dome_zpsc25c2fe4.jpg

I learned a lot from these two back in Rainbow School..=`)
 photo ladies_zpscac3cde2.jpg
 photo domemedan_zpsff3c484c.jpg
 photo hangout_zps830c9493.jpg

Had breakfast at Pizza Hut with my college buddies, minus my dear Ivanna..=`)
 photo pizzahutbreakfast_zpsb90f493a.jpg
 photo breakfastbuddy_zps1b33ce6a.jpg
 photo breakfast_zps7f42a212.jpg

Can you believe Erni (middle) is going to welcome a baby girl next month?? She barely show!!
Can't wait to meet baby Chloe..Ahh.. I love her name!! =`)
 photo pizzahutmedan_zps1b5070f9.jpg

My hair looks super crazy nowadays..=.="
 photo pizzahutmedanbreakfast_zpsc9ab0539.jpg

Group shot!! =`)
 photo breakfastpizzahut_zps6f4abf4e.jpg

Till the next hang out, ladies..=`)

13 May 2013


So my high school bestie, Anggita, came for work trip from Jakarta last March and I just had to met her..=p I haven't seen her for like 8 years and so we set up our little reunion with Ermi too.. Reunited and it felt so good!! =`))
We had our early dinner at Kith Cafe-Park Mall coz we were all like really starving on that day.. Yes, I just had to revisited it again, super love the place!!

The gorgeous Ermi, or as I call her Mimiy, ladies and gentlemen..=`))
 photo ermiwithherpasta_zpsf78b8279.jpg

With my Anggita..=`)
 photo kithcafeparkmall_zpsb6ceb437.jpg

We all had pasta that day..=`)
 photo secschoolfriends_zps15a8f4e5.jpg

Nerds alert!! =p
 photo nerdsalert_zpsb3021109.jpg
 photo reunion_zpsff1b6b2e.jpg

We shared sinful chocolate cake for dessert..and..
 photo chocolatecake_zpsb0c0e19b.jpg

this super yummy coconut sorbet..nyam..=`)
 photo coconuticecream_zpse2f7b494.jpg

We love the ambiance of Kith Cafe..=`)
 photo kithcafe_zpsa9057d13.jpg
 photo kithcafeambiance_zpsd21a529e.jpg

and then I went on and on about this Camera 360 photo app the whole evening...=p
 photo reunited_zps0b5ce160.jpg

I can't stand how cute she is!! =`))
 photo withanggita_zpsf58f6bbb.jpg

Destalia joined us later that night too..=`))
 photo camera360_zpsff3cdd70.jpg
 photo groupselfie_zps65b35299.jpg
I had a great time!! Till I see you again, ladies..=`)

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