23 April 2013


This is not the story of how I got married..=p and hopefully will not. *touch wood*

So I wanna share about an accident that involved CJ and I last week when I was in Medan. 
We were out for dinner, and after dinner we continue to had a tiny bit of supper. 
Headed home from supper, on the inter-junction near my cousin's house, it happened. 
We were going slow and careful, the other party were going really, really fast when they crash into us.
CJ and I went out from this accident literally SCAR LESS. The other party, two of them, also a couple, had injuries all around their hands and legs. They were not happy to see the both of us all safe and sound.
CJ had sore back and had a massage. I had stomach cramp that gone the next day. But those two who hit us had scars all over their body that might take a while to heal.
We paid for their medical expenses and went 50/50 on their vehicle damages. They didn't pay us anything.
But I was relief. I thank God for His blessing, that He did not let even a scar left on my body. I praised Him for how great is His mercy that He spared both CJ and my life on this accident that could have took our lives. He really is My Almighty God.

So I take this experience as a blessing, also a warning. That I might have drifted away from Him. That I might have forgotten about all His blessing towards me throughout my years. That I might have worry myself of this world and forget that He is there, to support and catch me, when I fall. And He is there indeed, when I truly fell, He protected, and stand by me.

This is the story of how My Lord protects CJ and I on a road accident. Not only I advised you to be careful on the road, but be careful, in your life.

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