23 January 2012

Water Dragon Lunar New year

Happy Water Dragon Lunar New Year everyone!!! I wish all of us a prosperous, abundance and healthy year ahead!! It was heavy downpour here in Singapore on eve of LNY and first day of LNY itself.. Water Dragon much?? =p

Little Kent wishes you a Happy New Year..=`)
See how they hold on to me?? So cute le...=p
My Mom and Sis are too much alike!!
We headed down to Resort World Sentosa.. and they have a 16.8 metre tall dragon spins around the bullring.. Huat Ah!!! =`)
Even prettier at night..=`)
Indoor also got Dragon!! Head!!
Can't help but to share this pic of whole bunch of foreign workers swarmed to take pic with pretty fairy model (far left) =.=" Her job is not easy AT ALL..
I hope she had a better day after that though..=.="

I still hope for my father to reign his health and this dragon year to be a good year for my family and loved ones!! Huat Ah!!!


~* J a S said...

Wah , so many foreign workers =_=" Happy CNY!

Karina Dinda R. said...

Such a great post! ^^ Love it :)

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Karina Dinda R. ♥

Aline said...

you have a lovely family :) happy new year!

Elizabeth said...

All of the CNY decorations and activities seem like a lot of fun and so beautiful and bright, too! I hope I can head to Singapore someday over CNY to see that first hand!

Fydez said...

Very nice photos! Happy new year. xx

Kátia Aparecida said...

Hello! okay? I'm Katia I live in Brazil! I found your blog by chance and loved your posts. My English is terrible! I am using google translator. (laughs) Congratulations on your lovely blog! I am a faithful reader. I understand you are from Singapore, is not it? I loved to know in a culture too!...

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