16 January 2012

Chinese New Year 2563

It's one week to Chinese New Year 2563!! I have been spending Chinese New Year in Singapore these past years and I loved every bit of it.. The red color, Chinese Zodiac decorations, the feasting, the cookies and cakes, the bak kwa, the Lion Dance, the greetings, the exchange of Oranges, the reunion dinner and of course the Red Packet!! It is a tradition during Chinese New Year for elderly folks and married people to give red packet/pocket to children and unmarried people.. I've read some comments regarding how unmarried adults find it silly or shameful to receive red pockets on CNY which I found, well, ridiculous.. Receive red packets/pockets is not about the money at all. It is about the wishes that we receive from people while they gave it to us. The red packet/pocket itself is a symbol of wishes and it had been a Chinese tradition for ages. People had been giving it out not only on CNY, but also on birthdays, weddings, or any happy occasion.. So if you find it silly to receive it then..it's your loss la..=p 

Anyways, we visited North Point the other day and there was a Lion Dance performance!! I have always been fascinated by the skill needed to perform yet another tradition on CNY!! How awesome is CNY?? =p

The Stage to perform the Lion Dance..
Little Kent was all excited and can't wait to watch..=p
The "Music" performers getting ready..
and..here it came!! The Lion!!
and...It jumped!!
from pole to pole!!
trust me.. IT DID NOT LOOK EASY AT ALL!! My mom was worried for them!!
Check out that jump!! How much skill and legs/shoulders power do they need?? So Strong!!
and they didn't fall and didn't fail to amaze us.. WOW..
My mom swear her heart was beating fast while watching them performed..=p See that is why I loved the CNY spirit here in Singapore.. Their people really appreciate every CNY traditions..=`) and we especially love the huge Zodiac Deco outside Mandarin Gallery!!
It's the year of the dragon!!

CNY unrelated, since it was really a rough week for us, my sister and I decided to have a little afternoon pleasure at our favorite Fruit Paradise..=`)


I wish all of you will have an auspicious Chinese New Year 2563!!
Let's go Red Packet harvest!! =p


Danielle Barbe said...

hah! so cool!

Bad Joan said...

wow! that looks so cool!


Anonymous said...

This is SOOOO COOL and amazing!!! I love the pictures. And sooo many pretty colors. :)

K said...

wow, this event looks awsome!!!! LOVE the gold and red deco!! can never go wrong with gold and red!!

love K

Jacqueline Ashley said...

How fun!


Annika said...

don't you love chinese new year?
my school has lion dances every year. it's my favorite part of the new year :)


nadja said...

lovely photos
awesome blog, girl


Karina Dinda R. said...

So cool dear :) Love it max!! Mind to follow each other? ^^

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