25 October 2011

3 Idiots

What is the last movie you watched that made you cried your hearts out? Mine is 3 Idiots!! Yaa, say all you want about Bollywood or Indian Movies, this one is really good and beautiful, and also funny!! It's about friendship, about love, about the pressure of being the perfect one, about being good parents and children, about competition, about the broken system in our life/ lifestyle right now,and most importantly, about kindness.. Ya, the main character, Ranchho, is too good to be true with his big heart, but still, it is what make the movie so good.. The movie is 3 hours long but I guarantee it will be worth it.. It earns itself a 8.3 out of 10 ratings in IMDB, so not gonna bluff you guys, go watch it!! I'mma embedded a small part of the movie here to convince you..=`)

GO WATCH!! and watch my embedded video till finish!! =p


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