04 February 2011

Chinese New Year 2562

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

I am blessed to be able to spent this year's Lunar New Year with my family in Singapore together with CJ too!! So we took this chance to...

 feast on our favorite Fish & co!!!

 let CJ tried KOI..

finally visited Universal Studio
(post coming soon!!)

 Had a very full reunion lunch..
and a very festive reunion dinner..

then headed down to River Hongbao

to watch the Chinese New year Fireworks!!

Have a very prosperous bunny year!!!


ernie shie said...

aikkhhh, da lama w gak online tata.. >.< iihhh, baru disadari u cocok jadi si skipper di penguin of the madagascar.. so cuteee e *envy mode on. tunggu kedatangan w di spore ya! ckckckckckc *kapan2x.

g.ta said...

iyah ni..cepet datang kita jj+makan2x..hihihi..biar u jadi guest appearance di blogkuw ini..kyaaa..<3

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