22 December 2010

Lumix LX3

So this is the festive month!! Gotta say that December is the best month of the year!! Everyone's favorite holiday is coming!! Christmas day is coming!! I'm so excited that every sentences that I typed ends with exclamation mark!!!
So, CJ bought an early Christmas gift for his spoil girlfriend, and it was a......

 LUMIX LX3!!!!

Yes, it is the same as Xiaxue's camera, except hers is silver, mine is black.. I have always wanted LX3 or LX5, but after a consultation with one of my friend (thanks ko Hardy), he thinks that LX3 produces good pictures. I googled Lumix LX3 and the words "Best Pocket Camera" pops out, so LX3 it is!!

CJ thinks that I should blog often, and he thinks that I cannot survive without a camera (since I gave my Canon Ixus 85IS to my sister, Catherine) that he bought this just days before I left him to spend Christmas with my mom in Singapore..How sweet can a boyfriend be?? <3<3
And here is the first capture of the camera:

So Lumix LX3 might be a semi-DSLR, but having this camera does not make me a pro photographer. I like taking pictures, and I like being photographed, but I click as I like, and I am still learning to capture better pictures everyday. My favorite objects are people and food, which is why I am thinking of starting another blog just to post things that I eat captured by my Lumix LX3. But starting a food blog does not make me a food blogger, I am not even sure that anybody is reading my blog (some of my bestest friends do actually, <3 u guys).. Some food blogger that I would recommend, highly recommend actually would be Dr. Leslie Tay, ladyironchef, and KeropokMan.. All three are Singapore's food bloggers..

I haven't thought of a name for my baby Lumix LX3, any suggestion?? <3


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