26 December 2010

Lumix LX3 part 2

So I can't get enough of my new camera, Panasonic Lumix LX3, so I'm going to show off here..teehee..=p

Check out my belly fat..iuuwwww..

So we went to Bugis Junction the other day, and I saw this domo case and I wanted it and I bought it as a case to keep my camera..

cute or not??
and the price is....

then we walked towards Iluma and there is this shop selling the same domo case at only $9.90!!!! WTF!!! been cheated!!! so tao mei, so shoi can?? Felt so pissed and gloomy la the whole day!! That Bugis Junction stall earn so much profit la!! grrrr..

Saw Xiaxue's Lumix and copied her brilliant idea to tied up her lens cap with pearls..

and this is mine..

mine is untidy la, I have no sense of art at all like my ex-art and craft SPV said..=p
I bought the string and beads from Spotlight, Plaza Singapura..

Do you love my baby Lumix too?? <3


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