24 December 2010

Christmas DOs and DON'Ts

So I am here in Singapore to spend my Christmas and New Year holiday with my mama and sis, cousin join in too.. I really love the Christmas atmosphere here in Singapore..All the Christmas decorations along the road, Christmas choir at almost every mall singing Christmas songs, it makes me feel warm inside..and makes me..took a lot of pictures with almost all the decorations la!!

 that one above does not count as Christmas decoration la but they are cool..=`p

Have picnic with the family on Christmas eve at East Coast..love the fact that Singapore actually have beaches and nice enough to hang out and lay around..=`) Watching people walk their dogs is <3

The thing that made me sad on Christmas day this year is I will not be with my CJ.. I left him alone at Medan..He purposely bought his ticket to Jakarta on 26th thinking to spend Christmas with me, but here I am in Singapore with my cousin because of my last minute decision to fly here..=`( I am sorry to have to skip this year's Christmas with you, baby, I promise next year we have to spend it together!! and know this, actually, all I want for Christmas is you, baby..I <3 U..=`))

I wish all of you could spend this holy holiday with your loved ones, and never forget to be grateful of what you already have..


ernie shie said...

tata, kamu cocok pake short pants loooo.. jarang liat kamu pake itu, hahahaha

g.ta said...

makasi, erni..jadi malu..di medan ga berani pake a..hihihi..=p

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