03 October 2010

Becoming auntie..

I do not know what is happening to me..I found myself getting tired easily after a few blocks walk around Orchard Road!!! Come on!! That is ladies' pleasure to walk around that particular road!! But I found myself searching for drinks, searching for places to take a seat..Am I BECOMING AN AUNTIE??
Apparently, lately I really enjoy a good place to just seat and enjoying a cup of...anything..with good companion to chit chat too would be even better, and do people watching..Shopping or window shopping is fun too, it's just that I really love the fact that Singapore has good places to hang out indoor or outdoor, compared to dreadful Medan..=.="
These are the photos I took during my visit last Idul Fitri..

That is me looking retarded while enjoying a set including two half boiled eggs, french toast and a cup of tea at Killiney, Suntec City. We choose outdoor seat for I really just want to sit outside at looked at the city view, and man, it felt good!! (another auntie feeling!!!!) And another plus point, the french toast tasted great!! And the whole set costs only SGD 4++!!!!!

Another place that we went to is Coffee Bean, Orchard Central. It was really quiet and chill and has really good lightning for taking pictures!!!

I bought the headband at Daiso (of couse at $2 la!!!) to prepare for Halloween this month!!! Don't you just love October?? =D
So share me your favorite hang out places?? =D


Karunia said...

huuuaaa!!! you've got something for halloween oredi yh..
so cuteee

ernie shie said...

ahhh.. kamu, slalu aza hina medan.
haha =D

g.ta said...

Karu: Yeah..cute rite? I wanna be cuter than my students!!!!xixixixi..=p

Erni: Bukan hina a, tp pengen di improve..coba kasi tau kalo di medan mau hang out dimana coba??hikshiks..

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