04 May 2010

Random Tuesday

I'm sorry I don't know why I'm so into these things lately..=p

current mood – nervous

current music –
If We Ever Meet Again (Timbaland ft. Katy Perry)
current hair style – boring straight with boring straight fringe
current crush – CJ
current thing I ought to be doing - working
current windows open - emails, facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger
current desktop picture – me+CJ
current book – none. (sad, I should read something!!)

what color is your hair – black
have any tattoos - nope
straight hair or curly – straight
how tall are you – 5’3

top – PJ
pants – PJ
shoes – n/a
necklaces – n/a
rings – 2 from CJ, 1 from mom
bracelets - n/a

last person you hung out with – mom+sis 
last thing you said out loud – Sister win the contest!!!
last thing someone said to you – I win!!
last person you called – mom
last person that rang you – journalist from Shin Min Daily News
last time you cried – last two weeks

did you ever get into a fist fight in school - nope
did you ever run away from home - yes
did you ever want to be a doctor - my childhood dream
did you ever do something you regret – yes

Know how to swim - yes
do you like roller coasters – no!!
do you own a bike - not anymore
do you think you’d make a good mum – hopefully..what do you guys think?

have you ever been on a plane - yes
have you ever asked someone out 
– yes
have you ever been to the ocean – nope! would love to!
have you ever gone fishing - no
have you ever painted your nails – all the time
have you ever taken drugs – yes

what are you listening to – music
what is the temperature outside - melting hot!!
what was the last restaurant you ate at – The Grand Duck King
what was the last thing you bought – mom's mother's day present (with sis)
what was the last thing you had to drink – Ribena
what are you watching on TV - nothing

who was the last person to be kind
 - my mom
who talked to you on the phone - a journalist
who is your current celebrity crush – Ryan Gosling
who was the last person you took picture of – my sis
who was the last person you said i love you to – CJ

ever really cried your heart out – yes
ever cried yourself to sleep – yes
ever cried on your friend’s shoulder - yeah
ever cried over the opposite sex - definitely
do you cry when you get an injury – sometimes
do certain songs make you cry – yes
last film that made you cry - Dear John

what can make you happy – traveling, new shoes/bag/accessories/tops, loved ones, and the list goes on..
do you wish you were happier - sometimes
is being happy overrated – no??
can music make you happy - definitely

how many times have you had your heart broken - never broken, only hurt
has anyone ever loved you so much that they’d die for you – currently I believe
has anyone ever said ‘i love you’ to you – everyday <3

taken from live through this,


My LIfe My Journey said...

may i copy this to my blog??

anyway, you will be a great mom.. hopefully soon.. hihihi...

g.ta said...

yes sure,dear..don't forget to credit tho..=`)
yeah hopefully we both will..=`) and really soon too!! hahahaha..

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