06 February 2010

Free Perfume from CLEO..

So, we bought a November edition of our favorite magazine, CLEO, and there was this 30 days perfumes giveaway!!


Of course I love perfume!! So, I decided to follow the instructions, by sending SMS of the date of which perfume that we would like to win, there were 30 different perfume for 30 days!!
Rather than to choose one only, I decided to SMS everyday!! so, winning whichever perfume will not be a problem as I love all of them!! =D
So, days passed, and there were no news and I thought that it will not be so easy to win free perfume until..on a boring afternoon, an email came and informed me that I have won myself a Davidoff cool water woman from the 30 days of fragrance give away!! yay!! finally something good happened!! hihihi..=D

I used my mom's ID as she is a citizen..=D, but I used my phone to SMS ya..=D

So, the next day I bought my mom along to collect the prize..and I was a happy woman that day..=D

So, don't be hesitate to join any contest, who knows, luck might be by your side..=D


Ernie Shie said...

Hihi.. so lucky you.. Congratss GreTA

g.ta said...

weh..baru kebaca..thank you ni..hihihi..=`)

eCha said...

Everyday like every single day?
Hihihi...Nice try Ta!
untung menang..=D

g.ta said...

iyah..hahaha..ngebet siy..
iyah ni hoki-hoki an juga niy menang..hihihi..=D

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