22 February 2009


This weekend Medan has been shocked by the news of two teenagers that killed by their house maid. The maid set the house on fire, lock the two poor teenagers in a bedroom, and ran away. Their parents were in Hong Kong at that time for business. The whole town mourned for them and cursed the maid. No one knows the exact motive behind her action.

My father went to their funeral, because they are family. They said that the maid had her meal in her masters' bedroom, switched on TV and air con when parents were out of town. One of the teenager, which was the boy, knew it and scolded her. She felt unhappy. So, when it was nap time in the afternoon, she set the house on fire and took off.

I feel sorry for the mother. She lost both her children at the same time, in a cruel way. She must have felt really guilty for leaving them with the maid. I heard that they are quite upper-class. But what can you do with your money now. Can you buy your children back? What is your purpose to live now?

I feel disgust with the maid. She could take lives easily, just like that. It's cruel. It's non-human. Animals kill, people solve problems. Anger can make us do silly things, but murder is just beyond human. She will not escape long. The nature will get back to her, sooner or later. I wonder whether she could sleep well at night. Whether the faces of those whom she killed will appear in her dream. Wonder whether she felt guilty at all.

But maybe she felt offended, being under estimated, felt that it is unfair to her.

But who knows?

Lesson for us here. Your mouth is your tiger. Words coming out from your mouth may seem nothing to you, but could kill you. Your words and behavior shows who you are, yourself, your inner, your Creator. Don't spit on your own face, or His face.

Murder is the most sinful crime to commit, especially to our own mankind. When a life is created, it took time, energy, love, and miracle. Murder took hate, anger, revenge, and devil. What a waste, and what a debt to pay.

My condolence to the family of Jalan Bambu II, Medan. May God bless during this time and always.


karu2 said...

my condolence to the family...

I feel sad...
but anyway, God has His plans...

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