09 November 2012

Legoland Malaysia

So we went to Legoland Malaysia two days after my birthday!! :D
I know, it was last month, and I am late on my blog post, even my sister has posted about it, you can check it out here.
We bought the deal from Groupon that entitles us the Legoland Pass and two way coach at SGD 59.90 for adult and SGD 52.90 for child. Lucky we bought the deal, coz if you are to visit and but the ticket on the spot, you have to suffer the long queue, especially during public holiday..

A: We were to depart from Singapore Flyer..
B: Cute orangutan plush at Singapore Flyer..
C: Crowd all ready for holiday trip.. (It was Public Holiday that made a long weekend..)
D: All abroad the coach..=`)

From Singapore Flyer we drove to Singapore Immigration, with long queue of travel buses, that takes approximately one hour, then to Johor Immigration.. Pass Johor Bahru it was only few minutes drive to Legoland, all together it took around 2 hours from Singapore to Legoland coz of immigration queue.. The time when we went back to Singapore took less than one hour coz no queue at immigrations..
We were dropped and had to walk to the entrance, and just outside Legoland, we spotted a kind-off mall with several food chains like KFC, Manhattan Fish Market, Burger Kind, etc. also there was a shop that sells cheap local products.. Shopping time!! =`))

It was impossible to take picture with the entrance, as you can see, 1000 times photobomb level!! =.="

Queuing for Wave Racers..=`) 

then we all board Dragon Apprentice, dragon ride for younger children, yet we all still screamed so loud!! =p

All other rides that are to scary for us!! Poor Little Kent though, he wanted to try it all, but we were all too timid..=p

Pictures with all cute Lego characters!! =`))

Played this games twice to win the unicorns!! =P

Below Play Town is like playground for younger kids.. It was so hot and humid!! I wish Legoland has more air conditioned area!!

This activity was so much fun!! We had to pump the fire truck all the way to the houses then sprayed  them water!! Our truck was the slowest that day and everyone was laughing out loud while pumping the truck..=p

Then there is this Mini Land with miniatures of famous Asia Landmark.. So impressed with all those details!! =`)

We didn't get to try all activities, as each one had so long queue!! So took pictures only loh..

Some places to grab food and souvenirs..=`)

Tandas (Toilet)..=p
By the end of our adventure, I am getting tanner, you can see from below picture..
The place is seriously hot, and we didn't bring any hat or umbrella..=.="
I was searching for cold drinks all the time!!
Bit of advice: prepare hat, umbrella, and frozen drinks!! Yeah, like freeze your drink the day before, so the next day you will have melting drink and still super cold!!  You will be needing that a lot!!

Maybe visit next time the hotel is ready.. Check out those cute rooms to be!! =`)
Overall, Legoland is so much fun, especially if you have younger children.. If you need more information, just visit its website at www.legoland.com.my


Ioana Liliana said...



P.S. And don't forget about the James Bond Notebook GIVEAWAY :)

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Nicoleta_B said...

Lovely pictures and awesome post.

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