24 August 2010


You could just kill me for abandoning my precious useless blog..=p
Sorry for no update at all, as I told you from previous post, there is nothing interesting in this stinky little town which I love..=p
But the good news is.. my lil sister, Catherine, will update her blog as often as she can, so do visit and read her quirky posts at 

Anyhow, the other day I browsed through tumblr and there was this article about Top 10 Things Today's Kids Will Never Experience, and of top of it is Camera Film. Just the thought of it makes me sad. You know how much I love camera, and how much I love pictures. I have loved camera since I was young, and even though I never had had the best camera, but I remembered how excited I was when I got a Camera Film when I was in primary school and spends dozens of rolls of film just to snap nonsense..And it's sad coz with the digital and stuff, kids these days could not enjoy having camera film, until.....

one of my students run to me excitedly and show off his camera film!! At first I thought it was a toy, but then I checked out the back of the camera, and there was this place to put the roll of film!!

Isn't that the cutest of all? It's like a vintage camera!! It was written down Kodak on it and he told me that his dad give it to him and I joked that I wanted it and he snatched it quickly from my hand and said No Way!! hahaha, so I asked his permission to took these pics just to show you all..
I don't remember where is my old vintage camera film was as it may have been lost when we moved houses, but I kinda regret that I didn't keep it!!
Now I own a Canon digital pocket camera, but I lend it to my sister, as she is in Singapore now, and there are more interesting things to snap there as she wants to keep her blog alive..
With everything digitalis nowadays and my love for camera, sure as hell I crave for a DSLR to be mine..not to act like some pro photographer, but just to snaps anything that I like, to snaps moments, and everything that happens to pop up, but it does costly..someday it is I insist..someday..

So don't bother to wait up for more postings with pictures from me, as I suggest you to visit my sis's:


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