09 May 2010

Don't hate me for this..

Bold what is true:

You obsess over things until they get old.
You know exactly what you want to do with your life.
You’ve never been treated well in a relationship.
Your birthday is your favorite day of the year.
You go out of your way to get attention.
You act older than your actual age.
You bite your nails constantly.
Your hair is not its natural color right now.
You dislike twitter…and yet you have one.
You love being alone.
You adore late night summer bonfires.
You think Uggs are hideous.
You hate movies.
You yell at your phone when someone you don’t like texts you.
You wonder how much of your life has been wasted in front of the computer.
You prefer road trips to flying, but still love planes.
You sometimes say you’re hungry even if you’re not.
You hate when people use the wrong form of words, like your and you’re.
You like everything better at night.
You can outdrink most guys.
You change into pajamas/sweatpants as soon as you get home.
You can text without looking at your phone.
You wear converse almost every day.
You have a phobia that most people don’t have.
You have three siblings.
You love change.
You’re always honest, no matter what.
You love Harry Potter.
You’ve snuck out through your bedroom window.
You love book stores.
You sleep more than you probably should.
Your favorite animal is a shark.
You almost always remember your dreams.
You’ve met your hero(s).
Your hero is not a family member/best friend.
You’re sarcastic even when you don’t need to be.
You’ve been called heartless by at least ten people.
You hate American Idol, but love America’s Best Dance Crew.
You read postsecret every week.
You want to move to another town and start all over.
You go at least 15 miles an hour over the speed limit, always.
You refuse to text and drive.
You don’t know the last name of the last person you kissed.


My first year of college will be over soon.
I am going to a really exciting concert this summer.
I share a birthday with someone else in my family.
I am going to get a haircut next week.
My parents don’t want any pets.
I eat potatoes with almost every dinner.
I clean my room every weekend.
My favorite animals are lions.
I have never been out of the country.
I would love to go on an African safari.
I’m not a very good cook.
I should be studying for a test right now.
I wear jeans just about every day.
I just recently turned nineteen years old.
There is a plant in the room I’m in.
I actually really enjoy America’s Next Top Model.
I’m terrified of scorpions.
I have a list of movies that I need to see.
I have seen the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know.
My most hated chore is folding/putting away laundry.
I don’t eat lamb.
I only have one or two people that I can tell anything to.
On most days I let my hair do its natural thing.
My least favorite color is yellow.
I own a video camera.
I have attempted to write a book.
I volunteered for Earth Week.
I am currently reading a Stephen King book.
I don’t think I look good in hats.
I have bluish-green eyes.
I like carpet better than hardwood floors.
Jack Black really makes me laugh.
I am wearing socks right now.
I am on my laptop, but I own a desktop computer also.
I bite my nails.
I read Cyanide & Happiness daily.
I really like curly hair on the opposite sex.
There are pictures hung up on the refrigerator.
I get annoyed when people smoke around me.
I get headaches a lot.

I don’t wear glasses or contacts.
I currently am wearing a watch.
I want to learn how to snowboard.
I’m really short.
I’m sitting on a couch.
I only judge actors and actresses based on their acting.
I’m not wearing any make-up.
My dad is more than six years older than my mom.
I own a white iPod.
I watched the show The Wonder Years a lot.
Both of the Savage brothers are awesome!
I love broccoli cheddar soup.
My family owns a cabin for camping.
I enjoy swimming in the river.
Five is my lucky number.
Beagles make really great pets.
I think Beyonce is talented.
I have very pale skin.
I get poison ivy very easily.
I’m going to Atlantic City this summer.
I live in Pennsylvania.
I give the peace sign quite often in pictures.
I love this time of year.
I own a Sony television.
I eat Ramen noodles a lot.
I didn’t eat breakfast this morning.
I drink tea almost every day.
My least favorite subject in school is math.
The blinds in my room aren’t open.
I chat online more than on my cell phone.
George Harrison is my favorite Beatle.
Most of the t-shirts I own are black.
I haven’t been to the mall in a while. 
I have a hairstyle with bangs.

taken from Sick Sad World


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