11 March 2010

March-in too quickly..

Time flies so fast it scares the hell out of me!! It's been 8 month since the last time I actually earn my own money!! Too stressful to even think of a blog post, so I'll just post some pictures of my mini gateway to Medan every time my visit pass expired, these are the latest..like you readers even care?? beware..this is the life of an unemployed..zzzz... 

This is why I still survive..=`)
He's addicted to GDK..=.="

been hanging with favorite siblings..=`)

and few LOUD friends..=p

Sorry for the bad quality of some pictures taken with my phone..
Learned a lot of lessons during this trip which I will share on my next post, which probably won't come soon since I'll be puttin a lot of my attention to a really important step in my life (not marriage,btw)..For this I asked for your support, whoever you are, whom has spared little of your time visiting my blog..=`)


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