18 March 2010

Italian Mafia goes Chinatown

One of my fave bloggers, Xiaxue, had her wedding solemnization ceremony last 13th March 2010. The wedding theme is Italian Mafia, which is very unique, so her dress, Mike's suit, places and all the sponsored things suits the theme..

 (more pictures HERE.)
and watch the video HERE.
So happy for them, their love story is so touching, I'm happy that they finally got married..=`) People do get happy ending after all..<3 <3

So, went out to accompany mommy today, and my now-photo-shoot-addict-sister took these photos at Chinatown, which I forgot the name of the complex, but I love it there!! It looks so green, and there are a lot of fine cafes there, and small offices around the spot that we took pictures..Oh if only I could landed a job there..=p


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