24 March 2010


It's half night, and half day..It's Eclipse..The third installment of The Twilight Saga is coming soon..
June 30.
Summit has published out the second official poster:

What do you think?
Me, personally, I liked it. The tag line, it expresses Bella's choice. She, being on the center of the poster, and Jacob on the brighter side, which obviously explains he being the sun for her, the healthier choice..and Edward, as cold as ever, the darker side, which every girl would just as always, would rather choose to be with..
Here's the sneak peek of the movie:


Leonny @ Our Everyday Things said...

I LOVE this movie :D Can't wait till Eclipse is out in June!

g.ta said...

yeah, there will be like more actions!! can't really wait!! hopefully it'll be better than new moon..=`)

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